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The 2024 TV Industry Trends & Predictions Report

Get a comprehensive and detailed look into the views of executives across the TV ecosystem including key trends, developments and future changes affecting the industry.
The 2024 TV Industry Trends & Predictions Report

Discover the key trends predicted to take hold of the TV industry in 2024


Jack Davison


Executive Vice President

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With 2023 behind us and the new year underway, we can expect some significant trends to take hold of the TV industry. In these troubled economic times, it is not just fiscal restraint of media companies that is influencing thinking in this years survey, with many struggling with a cost of living crisis there is an underlying theme of saving money in most responses. Which regions will hold the biggest growth prospects? How will production recover from cost-cutting and strikes? And how will content budgets fare in 2024? Our annual TV Industry Trends & Predictions Report collates global feedback from media executives across the TV ecosystem to provide a unique snapshot of the key issues and trends facing the  industry. 

In this year’s survey, running from December 2023 to January 2024, we once again asked our global network of industry executives for their views on what to expect from the year ahead.

Top findings include
  • Netflix continues to be ranked the #1 streamer for growth prospects and most feel that further consolidation between US Studios will happen
  • 74% respondents ranked Asia as their #1, #2, or #3 market for the best growth prospects in 2024
  • Only 19% are optimistic that production volumes will return to growth whilst others expect stabilisation or further falls
  • Partnerships, especially fully bundled offers with communication providers, are key for SVOD
  • Working with FAST Service providers in terms of partnership channels or licensing to their owned and operated channels is increasingly important
  • 63% identified Single IP FAST channels as a key area of investment, and Mixed Genre channels are of lower importance
  • Premiering content and offering exclusives on digital services both ranked highly in terms of innovation for Free TV
  • 52% said innovating with pricing propositions is key area for Pay TV providers in 2024
  • Studios will need to grant a better set of rights when selling 2nd windows and they will sell more ahead of D2C in 2024
  • 76% respondents agreed that whilst they will be shorter the windowing patterns for Movies will return
The 2024 TV Industry Trends & Predictions Report

Topics covered in the report:

  • Global SVOD growth
  • The rise of FAST channels
  • Opportunities in AVOD
  • Integration of Global streamers with Pay TV operators
  • The future of free TV
  • Global content windowing
  • Movie windowing strategies
  • Pay TV innovation
  • SVOD bundling

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