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Sky Showtime Preview

Comcast & ViacomCBS Extend Partnership with Sky Showtime

Sky’s owner Comcast and ViacomCBS have extended their partnership

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Free TV Prioritising Binging for US Shows

Content acquired by Free TV is increasingly being offered with enhanced Stacking or Boxset rights

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Streaming Wars: Free TV Fights Back

Free TV services are collaborating with each other to remain competitive.

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Netflix’s Lead in Originals Beginning to Slip

Netflix was once debuting more TV Shows than any other US SVOD combined. Not anymore.

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China Acquiring more US TV Shows after Years of Challenge

US studios selling TV shows are beginning to find success again in the Chinese TV market

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German Buyers Focusing on Acquiring Older TV Shows

ProSieben has been the most active buyer of TV this season, but all of these are older shows

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UK Distributors Finding it Harder to Sell Through the Pandemic

The impact of the pandemic has perhaps affected UK distributors more than their US counterparts

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