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StarzPlay Becoming a Prolific Buyer of Premium Content

Despite their relationship to Lionsgate a vast quantity of content is licensed from 3rd parties

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The Many Homes of HBO

The long standing homes of HBO across Show Tracker markets aren’t always getting HBO Max Originals

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Apple TV+ Engaging More with Third Party Content Providers

Tehran is the first Apple TV+ title commissioned by another service to be picked up

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The Struggle to Acquire Emmy Award Winning Content

Buyers looking for award winning content will have to look for non-traditional commissioners

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Inside Content: Episode 2: Jeff Cooke - Starz

This episode our CEO Toby Russell sits down with Jeff Cooke, VP Programming at Starz

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Studio Sales to own Services up to 30%

The share of content licensed to services owned by the Studios has increased from 18% in 2018 to 30%

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Show Tracker Enhanced with Digital Originals

Over 300 Digital Originals now added, taking the total number of scripted series above 800

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