3Vision Show Tracker

3Vision Show Tracker

What shows are selling? And who’s buying them? The 3Vision Show Tracker untangles the increasingly complex acquisition ecosystem. Giving you a unified view of TV series distribution.


  • A unified view of where leading scripted TV series are being distributed. We track all significant shows from the 2016/17 and subsequent US TV Seasons
  • Tracks over 20 parameters in 12 markets. Insights include data on 1st and 2nd window sales, catch up, utilisation and other key dimensions
  • Untangle the complex acquisition ecosystem with our quarterly ShowTracker reports
  • Crucial information for all stakeholders. Whether you’re a buyer or seller of content, our ShowTracker will give you the edge.

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Broadcasters acquiring Second Window after SVOD

Channels are bucking the trend of avoiding picking up shows after appearing first on SVOD

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Broadcast used data from the 3Vision Show Tracker to see how SVOD services are releasing their shows

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