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What is show tracker

Essential data tracking for TV show distribution

Get the data you need on where scripted TV series are being distributed and acquired in key markets.

Show Tracker is our powerful TV industry service that provides you with a unified overview of the distribution market, enabling you to track a TV show’s full journey in a market from its first window onwards, so you can see who is selling and buying and the main characteristics of each deal. Trust Show Tracker to give you data you can trust to drive your strategy forward and give you the edge in negotiations.

What Do We Track?

Show Tracker provides you with a complete overview of the distribution market. We monitor:

TV Series
Different Services
Global Markets
what's included


A unified view of where over 2000 leading scripted TV series are being distributed across 19 global markets

Online Tool powered by Tableau to access the insight you need easily on any device at any time

Untangle the complex acquisition ecosystem with our Show Tracker insight reports

Crucial information for all stakeholders. Whether you’re a buyer or seller of content, Show Tracker gives you the edge in negotiations

Show Tracker is a must-have service in our research portfolio, it provides unique and exclusive insights

Francois Vallerian - VP, international Research

, Paramount

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why do you need it?

TV Show distribution is changing.

More content. More strategies. More players. TV Show distribution is evolving. Show Tracker enables you to stay on top of trends, spot opportunities and get ahead of the competition in an increasingly complex ecosystem.

Whether you're a buyer or seller of TV content, rely on our trusted data and insights to give you answerers to key questions such as:

  • Who are the key buyers in a specific territory?
  • Which distributors is a service buying from?
  • Where has a specific TV show been sold?
  • What rights are the service securing from distributors?
How you can use it

Identify opportunities to excel your growth.

Show Tracker simplifies the TV Show content ecosystem for you so you can spot trends and drive your strategy forward in the content market.

  • See who is buying and selling and the characteristics of each deal.
  • Identify content buyers and distributors to target and track their activity.
  • Find the best markets for growth.
  • Shape your strategy and inform business decisions.
  • Give yourself the edge in content negotiations.
  • Untangle the content  distribution ecosystem. 
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