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Show Tracker

What shows are selling? And who’s buying them? The 3Vision Show Tracker provides a unified view of where scripted TV series are being distributed in key markets, who is selling and buying, and what the main characteristics of each deal are

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Online Tool

The Show Tracker Online tool is an easy and intuitive interface to lets you get the insight you need from our data - Available on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

8 specialised dashboards let you answer any question you may have about Services, Distributors, Shows, Utilisation, Markets, Genres, Second Windows and Year on Year trends

Click below to try a Desktop demo of one of the dashboards in the Online Tool with a hand-picked selection of the total Show Tracker dataset:

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What shows are we tracking?

We track all US scripted shows from the 2016/17 season onwards monitoring 23 parameters in 13 markets - including data on 1st and 2nd window sales of over 360 TV series available on over 200 services

From 2018 high-profile non-US scripted shows are being tracked as part of Show Tracker. By the end of 2019 we expect to be tracking 100 non-US shows

Be on top of the latest trends

Extract real world examples of how broadcasters are innovating with offerings like In-Season-Boxsets. Entire seasons being released alongside the broadcast premiere on channel's catch-up services

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  • A unified view of where over 360 leading scripted TV series are being distributed across 13 markets
  • Online Tool powered by Tableau to access the insight you need easily on any device at any time
  • Untangle the complex acquisition ecosystem with our Show Tracker insight reports
  • Crucial information for all stakeholders. Whether you’re a buyer or seller of content, Show Tracker gives you the edge in negotiations

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