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WHAT IS Fast tracker

Essential data tracking for the FAST ecosystem

Start understanding the FAST ecosystem. Get the data on where channels are being distributed and acquired in key FAST markets and identify important players delivering channels.

FAST Tracker is our TV industry service that gives you an extensive and detailed view of  FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television). Tracking major platform activity, channel owners and global channel distribution, FAST Tracker enables you to identify opportunities and analyse competitors so that you can make informed business decisions that get you ahead of the game.

What do we track?

FAST Tracker provides you with a complete overview of the FAST ecosystem.

Unique Platforms
Global Markets


A unified view of the FAST ecosystem, with thousands of specialised profile pages that give you data on any question you may have about individual Channels, Distributors, Producers, Service & Service Owners and Markets.

Online Tool powered by Tableau to access the insight you need easily on any device at any time. Plus, access to our team of Senior Analysts.

Be on top of the latest FAST channel industry trends, discover real-world examples and understand how the FAST ecosystem is going to evolve with our regular insights and exclusive subscriber webinars.

Crucial information for all stakeholders. Whether you’re a buyer or seller of channels/content, FAST Tracker gives you the insight to drive your strategy forward and give you a competitive advantage in deal-making.

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why you need it

newest frontier

Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) is currently one of the most rapidly-growing spaces in the TV industry, becoming a lucrative opportunity for revenue growth with channels and platforms choosing high-value branded and even original content.

But as the FAST landscape becomes saturated with new players and markets develop differently across the globe, it's becoming increasingly hard to identify targets, find opportunities and inform your strategy.

Whether you are a buyer/seller of content, a FAST platform or technology provider, trust our data to give you answers to questions like:

  • What's working and what's not? See what channels are being removed and added from platforms and how content is being evaluated.
  • Who are the key players in the FAST space? Find out which platforms, content owners, channel owners and technology providers are operating in which markets.
  • Who are acquiring and distributing channels? Platform owner or content / channel distributer, identify who is buying and selling in key markets so your sales or acquisitions teams can effectively target opportunities.
how you can use it

Identify opportunities to excel your growth

FAST Tracker simplifies the FAST landscape for you so you can see how markets are developing, spot trends and drive your strategy forward in the market.

  • See which channels are being removed and added from platforms. 
  • Discover platforms, content owners, channel owners and distributors to target and track their activity.
  • See who is acquiring and distributing channels in key markets.
  • Find the best markets for growth.
  • Shape your strategy and inform business decisions.
  • Give yourself the edge in content negotiations.
  • Untangle the FAST ecosystem. 
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