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The 2023 TV Industry Trends & Predictions Report

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The TV industry saw rapid shifts last year. SVOD ad-tiering, the integration of global streamers with Pay TV operators and the rapid growth of FAST are just some of the key changes we have seen over the past 12 months.

But what can we expect from 2023 and what is the consensus among global media executives?

In our new 2023 Trends & Predictions report, we find a clear continuation of themes identified in 2022; growing digital consumption, more D2C launches, SVOD competition, Free TV innovation, AVOD growth, Pay TV evolution and an unrelenting demand for content.

In this year’s survey, running from December 2022 to January 2023, we once again asked our global network of industry executives for their views on what to expect from the year ahead. To listen to our 2023 Trends & Predictions episode of Inside Content, click here.

This year we sub-divided regions which revealed more specific areas respondents viewed with the best growth prospects. For example, Asia was ranked #1 the last two years; however this year we can see more specifically that India ranked #1, Southeast Asia #3, and China fell to #8. While North America received the highest percentage of respondents (33%) ranking it as #1, its average ranking placed it sixth.

28% of respondents ranked Netflix as the #1 streamer for growth in 2023. This is compared to 2022 in which Disney+ took the top spot for best growth prospects. Disney+’s fall down to fourth perhaps reflects their greater financial constraints.

The growth of Netflix will likely be contingent on the success of its ad-supported tier alongside ongoing discussions about increasing memberships from stricter account-sharing measures.

As the realities of operating global services begin to hit in 2023 it will be fascinating to watch market developments. The growth and development of FAST channels and services will continue to be a topic of discussion in how it will shape out globally.

Jack Davison EVP, 3Vision

Most respondents (79%) are in vast agreement that the FAST market outside the US will develop very differently across markets. However, nearly 30% disagree that the market outside the US is a great opportunity similar to the US. FAST channels and services are expanding globally and rapidly, and we will see how these developments play out in 2023.

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Our respondents agree categorically on the majority of the issues, remaining divided or indifferent only in a few areas.

We hope you find the results insightful and please get in touch if you’d like discuss the outlook for TV in 2023 with us.

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