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Last year, the TV and streaming industry saw some rapid shifts. SVOD ad-tiering, the integration of global streamers with Pay TV operators and the rapid growth of FAST are just some of the key changes we saw in 2022. Most services faced economic challenges, from AVOD and BVOD struggling with the ad market to Pay TV and SVOD competing against the cost-of-living crisis, but with that, new models and opportunities have emerged for many to find success.

On this special episode of Inside Content, Peyton Lombardo, manager at 3Vision is joined by EVP Jack Davison and Director Jack Thomas to discuss our new 2023 TV Industry Trends & Predictions report which collates global feedback from senior media executives to provide data-driven predictions and insights into major industry areas.

Together they consider the report's key findings and discuss some of the hottest topics in the TV industry right now such as AVOD Growth, SVOD Competition, Free TV Innovation, the evolution of Pay TV and of course, the unrelenting demand for content.

Here is a breakdown of the topics they discuss:

  • Market growth in the US, India and Australia
  • SVOD growth prospects with a spotlight on Netflix and Disney+
  • The opportunity of local streamers to co-produce with global streamers
  • Top SVOD priorities - Lower-priced ad-tiers and local content
  • The growth of AVOD and FAST and the potential loss of faith in BVOD
  • Scripted TV Series as a way to maximise subscriber acquisition
  • The uncertainty of cord-cutting

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In our new 2023 Trends & Predictions report, we find a clear continuation of themes identified in 2022; growing digital consumption, more D2C launches, SVOD competition, Free TV innovation, AVOD growth, Pay TV evolution and an unrelenting demand for content.

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