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Watch our on-demand webinar on 'The Future of TV and Global Content Distribution Trends'.

Using the latest data, we take a fast-paced look at the significant developments to the distribution ecosystem and TV industry trends.

The Future of TV

The global TV industry has faced significant challenges over the last 16 months in various forms. TV productions have been halted, cinemas have been closed, large sporting events have been cancelled and internet usage grew drastically, as it became a lifeline for many during Covid-19.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for change for the TV industry and this rapid pace of transformation is changing how content is being monetised. Stakeholders are adapting to a different production, distribution and consumption landscape and new D2C services, global streamers and local launches are helping to rebalance the distribution ecosystem. We now have many different business models, a variety of licensing approaches and changes to widowing options, which in turn has made the TV industry ecosystem much more complex.

Broadcasters are now transforming even faster, going fully digital in some cases and further changing the market. In our 2021 TV industry Trends survey, 98% of respondents agreed that the pandemic has accelerated broadcasters’ plans for digital migration.

AVOD has also seen significant growth in the past few years, expanding in many forms and is now being taken more seriously by all distributors.

Watch our on-demand webinar as we cover the key TV industry topics and trends impacting the global market including:

  • Studio D2C
  • Broadcaster Digital Evolution
  • SVOD Growth
  • AVOD Expansion
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