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TV Industry Trends - 2022 Survey

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Jack Davison Executive Vice President

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In this year’s survey we once again asked our global network of industry executives for their views on what to expect from 2022. Topics covered in this year’s survey include TV production, Free and Pay TV innovation, D2C and Global Streamer prospects, local production, SVOD development, AVOD, FAST and content windowing.

Yet again Asia comes out top as the #1 market for video growth in 2022. That makes it three years in a row now where respondents have felt that Asia represents the best opportunity for growth.

Results are consistent with 2021 in all areas, with confidence remaining lower in the Middle East and Latin American whilst other regions remain mid-table with respondents.

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Despite the impacts of the pandemic on production in 2020 and the ripples felt in 2021 there is ongoing belief that growth in production remains sustainable, with 68% believing it will grow.

US production levels continue to grow, fuelled even more by the boom in streaming. Variety reported at the end of 2021 that close to 2,000 original series were aired in the US, including 484 Drama series (up from 438 in 2019 pre-pandemic and 139 in 2011).

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The rollout through 2021 generated more headlines for Disney+, with critical markets launched and India’s Disney+ Hotstar boosting numbers early on.

The head start is clear but with HBO launches increasing in 2022 and the ongoing investment of Netflix, Amazon and Apple the market is increasingly competitive.

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Our respondents agree categorically on the majority of the issues, remaining divided or indifferent only in a few areas.

We hope you find the results insightful and please get in touch if you’d like discuss the outlook for TV in 2022 with us.

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