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The Many Homes of HBO


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

The long standing homes of HBO across Show Tracker markets aren’t always getting HBO Max Originals

WarnerMedia has had long standing volume deals with a number of key buyers that it has chosen to renew rather than try to launch HBO Max globally

Those announced to be renewed include Foxtel (Australia), Bell Media (Canada), OCS (France) and Sky (UK, Germany, Italy)

Show Tracker reveals the services that receive HBO commissions in our current markets as well as Japan and The Netherlands, coming in full to Show Tracker soon

WarnerMedia has historically engaged in D2C activity with HBO titles in all the markets that it has services active, bolstering their service libraries with quality content

At present these services operate with local acquisition teams, creating a roadblock in a centralised content approach or global rebrand to HBO Max

Even its two SVODs, HBO Espana and HBO Nordic have big differences in its third party content acquired

While both benefit equally from its parent company, Disney is the largest third party supplier to HBO Espana while ViacomCBS is the largest to HBO Nordic

The local acquisition teams clearly operate on different priorities based on the needs and circumstances of their markets

HBO Max titles however are finding different homes in some markets than their HBO counterparts

While Warner continues to engage in D2C in some markets, they instead sold Love Life to C More rather than its own HBO Nordic in the first window

HBO Max titles clearly operate outside of the typical Warner volume deals in most markets, with different approaches to different shows

The animated Close Enough went to Netflix in a multi-market SVOD deal covering most Show Tracker markets except Germany and France where it went to Warner owned services

Between the renewal of long standing HBO volume deals with key services, its ongoing D2C strategy in certain markets and its bespoke distribution approach to HBO Max content, an expansion of the HBO Max service outside the US is likely to be very limited in the near future

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