Show Tracker Online Tool Launches


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

Show Tracker Online Tool Launch

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Show Tracker Online Tool - A companion to the Show Tracker product that provides an intuitive interface to gain new insight on the valuable data we track on over 300 shows

Try a Demo of the Find a Show Dashboard

What does it do?

Powered by Tableau, the Online Tool is made up of 8 dashboards that can allow you to drill into our dataset in the following areas:

  • Shows
  • Distributors
  • Services
  • Utilisation and Catch-up
  • Markets
  • Second Windows
  • Genres
  • Year on Year Analysis
Download the Guide to all the Dashboards
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On Desktop. On Tablet. On Mobile.

The Show Tracker Online Tool is accessible on any device allowing you quick and easy access to the data and insight you need wherever you are

Click below to try a Desktop demo of one of the dashboards in the Online Tool with a hand-picked selection of the total Show Tracker dataset:

Try a Demo of the Find a Show Dashboard

What questions can it answer?

  • Is a show still available in my market?
  • How does the competition compare to our distribution strategy?
  • How prolific is SVOD in my market?
  • Who are the biggest buyers?
  • What types of services are buying shows?
  • Which services are going against market trends?
  • What rights are services getting in the second window?
  • Who is willing to buy shows after SVOD?
  • How much demand is there for US comedy in non-English markets?
  • What markets are innovating fastest with enhanced catch-up?
Try a Demo of the Find a Show Dashboard

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