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Paramount+ set to unify ViacomCBS’ International SVOD Approach


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

The re-branding of CBS All Access to Paramount+ sets to unify the SVOD’s brand in all three of its territories under one name, while combining it with the services already under that name in Latin America and the Nordics

While the content available on CBS All Access is similar across all three of its markets its approach in each has been informed by local pressures such as ViacomCBS’ broadcast channels in Australia operating under Ten Networks or its ongoing output deals in Canada

CBS All Access launched in Canada 23rd April 2018 and a rebranded ’10 All Access’ launched in Australia December 2018. Most of the content in these forms consist of ViacomCBS library titles as well as the CBS All Access commissioned shows

Unlike Warner’s international SVOD initiatives in Spain and the Nordics, these services only hold content from ViacomCBS and no third party content

Several high profile titles are unavailable however with some tied to multi-market SVOD deals such as ‘Star Trek Discovery’ (Netflix outside US and Canada) and ‘Star Trek Picard (Amazon outside US and Canada)

Going forward decisions in whether they sell these titles or keep them for Paramount+ will depend on their confidence in subscriber take-up

In Canada, ViacomCBS maintain a strong relationship with the two largest local acquirers of content, Bell Media and Corus Entertainment. For several seasons CBS commissioned titles have been acquired by Corus owned Global TV in an output deal

Since the launch of the Canadian CBS All Access, these titles appear on the SVOD seven days after their linear premiere on Global TV, while all three Star Trek titles were sold to Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel

A centralised approach to the management of Paramount+ across all of its territories may signal the end for these market specific strategies for future content commissioned by the SVOD with a deeper focus on D2C content rather than distribution revenue

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