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Measuring the Disruption Caused by a Britbox Expansion


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

ITV & BBC are planning to launch Britbox in over 25 more countries, disrupting the vibrant market for UK titles from the two companies

Launch has been prioritised in English speaking countries (US, Canada & UK) with an Australia launch expected later this year

Titles from both distributors that debuted in the 2019/20 season are appearing on the service in both the US & Canada

The biggest impact in Australia may be felt by Pay TV channel BBC First, owned by BBC Studios, a common home for BBC titles

Canada is the only market so far this season that has seen Britbox dominating the acquisition of BBC titles

With a large proportion of Britbox made up of library content, there is still space for a variety of buyers to acquire content from ITV & BBC

Prolific European buyers of UK content are unlikely to be affected by Britbox launching in their markets, but smaller buyers may have to look elsewhere for UK titles

As an SVOD competitor the large number of Netflix premieres may be disrupted, but as both companies continue to collaborate with Netflix on Co-Produced titles it will likely still host a large proportion of their content across all international markets

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