Lionsgate Revenue Up with its Balanced Strategy

Lionsgate Revenue Up with its Balanced Strategy


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In their latest financial report, Lionsgate saw its total fourth-quarter revenue up 17% year-over-year reaching $1.1Bn. On the Media Networks side, the profit growth of over 100% was greatly supported by their SVOD Lionsgate+. Show Tracker reveals how Lionsgate has supported its SVOD service with its distribution strategy over the past few years.

Source: 3Vision Show Tracker - First Season, First Window Premieres of Lionsgate Distributed Shows in 12 Show Tracker Markets

Premieres of Lionsgate shows have been steadily increasing year-on-year, growing by more than 300% since 2018. Despite the presence of Lionsgate+, more than half of shows were released through third-party services lead by premieres in Australia, Canada and Sweden.

Lionsgate entered into a multi-year licensing agreement with Bell Media (via STARZ as an add-on to Crave and a rebranded linear channel) and Nine Entertainment Co. (SVOD Stan) to bring its programming to Canada and Australia, respectively. While the studio sold its shows to Telia Company in Sweden and subsequently released on Pay TV channel C More, before later entering an agreement with Viaplay to make the local SVOD the home of all Lionsgate+ content.

Source: 3Vision Show Tracker - First Season Series Aired on Lionsgate+ in International Markets Set to Lose the Service with Second Window Still Available to License

As Lionsgate+ exits from multiple markets such as France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, there may be more third-buying opportunities of Lionsgate shows in the future, including second windows for shows that have already premiered on the SVOD service that now require a new home. Amazon is one potential winner in this, as Lionsgate recently signed a deal with to stock the library of MGM+ ahead of its launch across Europe.

Source: 3Vision Show Tracker - Adaptation Types of Lionsgate Distributed Shows  from 2018/2019 to 2022/2023 season 

Lionsgate shows originate from a variety of sources as adaptations become more frequent. Just under half are derived as original concepts, with the rest of Lionsgate’s slate adapted from a variety of types of IP. 40% of the shows were adapted from either other TV series or literary works (primarily books), while the rest were from films and real events. 

The rate of film adaptations is set to increase as Lionsgate explores producing TV shows from highly its own successful franchises, such as Twilight and John Wick.

Lionsgate’s strategic retreat of its SVOD service in some of its international markets has proven to successfully cut down costs and increase its profit over the last year. With the absence of Lionsgate+, the studio has the opportunity to capitalise on its content by selling to third-parties both for its existing and future shows.

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