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ITV Studios on the co-production of content, the rise of pan-regional streamers and multiple windowing success | Inside Content

Kicking off our latest series of Inside Content, Jonathan Nickell is joined by Ruth Berry, Managing Director, Distribution at ITV Studios. The world-leading multi-genre, multi-disciplinary, multi-platform distribution business boasts the second largest catalogue of its kind in the world, selling more than 90,000 hours of prestigious content to over 3,000 broadcasters and platforms worldwide.

During her decade with the business and in particular her six-year tenure as Managing Director, Ruth has overseen the transformation of its predominantly English-language content sales (with a factual specialism), to a truly global distributor of world-class English and European language drama, alongside an enviable portfolio of high quality non-scripted titles.

In this episode, Ruth discusses how to utilise the power of co-production financing to stay resilient in the ever-changing content market, as well as sharing her predictions to achieve successful content in the future. She explores how their traditional client base are working collaboratively to rival big-budget content that typically land with global streamers. She also delves into the rise of pan-regional streamers and how their content is maintaining high value across multiple windows, such as the success of ‘Bodyguard’ in many local markets post-Netflix.

Here is a breakdown of the topics discussed in the episode:
  • Navigating changes in co-production funding models
  • How ITV Studio’s growth is impacting its pipeline and slate
  • The rise of pan-regional streamers
  • TV Studios decision process when deciding to sell content to a global or local streamer
  • The new-found success in multiple content windowing after a global streamer licence
  • Ruth’s predictions on the future of streaming

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