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ITV Studios America on integrated network studio models, co-production partnerships and the future of rights ownership | Inside Content

On this episode, Toby Russell is joined by Philippe Maigret, President of ITV Studios America. Maigret manages the Studios’ U.S scripted TV studio operations, oversees the company’s U.S. joint-ventures and growth strategy across all platforms, and advises on ITV Studios’ worldwide scripted programming strategy. He also serves as executive producer for ‘Franklin’ (Apple TV+), which is produced by ITV Studios America.

Prior to joining ITV Studios America in 2015, Maigret served as CEO of Endemol Studios, where he launched and managed Endemol’s scripted television studio operations and acquisitions in North America. Maigret’s additional production credits include Kingdom (Executive Producer), The Young Americans (Executive Producer) and Boiling Point (Co‐Executive Producer). Maigret currently sits on the board of the Hollywood Radio & TV Society and serves as President of the HRTS Foundation.

We start off with an overview of ITV Studios America’s impressive growth – from providing US-produced scripted content for an American cable audience to building strong international revenue through successful global franchises. Philippe discusses some of their most successful exports – including ‘Snowpiercer’ and ‘Physical’, and the importance of supporting the visions of creative partners to achieve a diverse portfolio of shows, guaranteeing multiple season orders and international viewership. Philippe also explains his process in scouting production talent and forming strong co-production relationships to deliver varied, resilient content as an independent studio, giving them the flexibility to sell across the whole of the US TV buyer market.

Here is a breakdown of the topics discussed in the episode:
  • Intro to ITV Studios America
  • The integrated network studio model - Production successes through co-development and creative partnerships with a focus on creating quality content
  • How ITV America are selling across the US TV buyer market
  • The future of rights ownership and commissions in a global streaming environment
  • Building a global streaming audience
  • Upcoming projects for the studio

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