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3Vision Insight: How to Solve your Clients' Content Problems


Jonathan Nickell Chief Operating Officer

Exclusive insight created specifically for our valued partners.

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Hollywood studios and leading programme distributors. Major broadcast channels, music and sports rights holders. The global streaming services. Wherever the content comes from, we’ve got the experience and contacts to secure the best deals. Whatever rights and however the content is delivered.

Catch up on our exclusive session, delivering insight and answering your questions on content:

  • What content rights are available?
  • Are there large minimum financial commitments that will break the business case?
  • How do our clients compete with established players?

Insight includes:

  • How content deals are structured when partnering with TV Channels, Movies, TV Series and 3rd party services (Netflix, Amazon etc)
  • What the Content Acquisition Process looks like
  • Negotiation tactics and requirements
  • A Spotlight on launching video services in ‘Africa’
  • How 3Vision can help you
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