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Inside Content: Chris Ottinger, MGM


Jonathan Nickell Chief Operating Officer

In this latest episode of 'Inside Content', I speak with Chris Ottinger, President of Worldwide Television Distribution & Acquisitions at MGM

Chris leads the global distribution strategy and operations for MGM's exceptional portfolio of television series, feature films and formats on a worldwide basis§ including managing MGM's over-the-air broadcast networks, branded premium film channels and on-demand services

One of the highlights of this episode, was learning about how MGM have pivoted their business in response to COVID-19 and their PVOD (premium video on demand) strategy. "The challenge going forward I think is finding space for movies in PVOD. The PVOD shelf space is incredibly crowded compared to a cinema... the digital environment has endless choice". Chris believes that PVOD is not a real replacement for theatrical but instead will serve as a nice supplement for the business.

Other topics discussed included some of the biggest trends in the entertainment sector including AVOD, international SVOD markets and MGM's partnership with Amazon. Chris also lets us know what upcoming films he is most excited about including 'House of Gucci' with Lady Gaga, directed by Ridley Scott and the latest information on the much anticipated new Bond film 'No Time to Die'.

Here is a break down of what we discussed in the podcast:

- [4.00] How has COVID-19 impacted MGM’s film and television business? What has your strategy been for PVOD?

- [9.35] After the pandemic, will MGM continue with PVOD?

- [12.54] Have MGM tested different pricing for PVOD and has there been any price sensitivity?

- [14.08] What do you think MGM’s major growth markets will be?

- [18.37] MGM have recently launched in Africa, has that been successful?

- [20.40] In markets where MGM’s own products might struggle to surface, do you have a different strategy for those territories?

- [22.40] Does MGM see AVOD as a high growth area?

- [27.02] What upcoming shows or movies are you excited about?

- [31.30] The latest Bond film, 'No Time to Die'

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