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Fremantle on their FAST strategy, overcoming the challenges of monetisation and the future of FAST | Inside Content


Toby Russell Chief Executive Officer

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On this episode of Inside Content, Toby Russell is joined by Valerio Motti VP FAST Channels at Fremantle, one of the world’s largest and most successful creators, producers and distributors of Entertainment, Drama & Film and Documentaries.

At Fremantle, Valerio is primarily responsible for developing and managing the strategy for their Free Ad-supported Streaming TV business. Valerio most recently worked as EVP EMEA & LATAM, Business Development, Strategy and Global Head of Streaming at ShortsTV, where he led the international launch of all new FAST channels and OTT services on all major CTV and OTT platforms.

We get a detailed look at Fremantle’s FAST channel strategy, the secrets to success in the FAST space, including overcoming challenges such as monetisation, and what the market will look like in Europe in the coming years. They discuss the importance of having high-quality content over quantity when creating a FAST channel and how this plays a vital role in the evolution of the content distribution business. They also weigh up the opportunities and obstacles of single IP and genre channels, examining the key differences in launching to audiences and growing and monetising them.

Here is a breakdown of the topics discussed in the episode:
  • An overview of Fremantle’s FAST channel strategy
  • The secrets to success in the FAST space
  • The value of single IP channels
  • Whether particular genres of content are better suited to FAST
  • How on-demand and AVOD fit into FAST propositions
  • What the key challenges are around monetisation
  • The future of FAST in the European market compared to the US market
  • How the FAST market will develop in the next 2-3 years

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