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FAST in Europe: A White Paper from the FAST4EU Consortium

Hear from experts working at the forefront of one of the fastest-growing sectors in media and get an in-depth analysis of the key trends and unique characteristics of the FAST market.
FAST in Europe: A White Paper from the FAST4EU Consortium

Exploring the current state of the FAST channel market in Europe.


Jack Davison


Executive Vice President

In collaboration with

The European media landscape continues to change at a rapid pace and FAST is growing from the margins of the market to take a more significant role. These free, ad-supported TV services are growing in popularity, benefiting from an increasing number of connected TV households and a pricing proposition perfect for homes living through a cost of living crisis - Free. Yet, compared to the US, Europe’s FAST scene is still warming up.

Our white paper, written for the FAST4EU Consortium, led by OKAST.TV, explores the current state of FAST channels in Europe and delves into growth trends, key players, and unique challenges, painting a clear picture of this dynamic market. Collating data and analysis from 3Vision and FAST4EU members with key market leaders including BBC Studios, ZDF Studios, Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten TV, Qwest TV and more, the paper gives a much-needed fresh look at a rapidly growing space in the TV industry.

FAST in Europe: A White Paper from the FAST4EU Consortium

Topics covered in the report:

  • Overview of FAST and US background
  • Recent FAST activity in Europe
  • Platforms investing in partnerships with local providers
  • Quality improvements through new entrants and channel churn
  • Launching and monetising FAST
  • Opportunities and challenges in FAST

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