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Years and Years - StudioCanal


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

Premium Drama & Show Tracker Distribution Trends

Commissioned by BBC One and produced by StudioCanal’s Red Production Company, ‘Years and Years’ premieres on HBO in North America and Mexico this week, with new episodes released each week as an in-season-stack.

The series was produced in association with HBO, who have taken the show for their Pay TV and SVOD services in a number of Show Tracker markets. ‘Years and Years’ revolves around the lives of one family, with each episode following them over a 15 year period. Whilst HBO could have found a way to offer the show as a Box Set given the timing of their premiere they have tended (with some exceptions) to focus more on weekly stacking, rather than Box Sets of full series on launch. With an existing linear channel business it is likely this choice or release strategy is with a view to maximising engagement over an extended period of time.