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VOD Services Snatching High Ranking US Content from Broadcast


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

SVOD leads acquisitions of high IMDB rated US scripted content released this season in most markets

Using a show’s IMDB popularity rating allows comparison of distribution trends between the bottom scoring 25% percentile (6.2 or lower) and the top scoring 25% percentile (7.6 or higher) to represent low/high ranking titles respectively

Across most markets distribution behaves as expected, with low ranking content less likely to find distribution than high ranking

The major exception to this rule is Canada, which due to large amount of US content that is acquired in volume deals has a higher rate of acquisitions for low ranking content

English speaking countries take more low ranking content than most, with other markets not deviating far from the average

High ranking acquisitions are more variable across markets, with a number of key territories well above the average

Broadcast is taking a higher proportion of low ranking titles than VOD in all markets

VOD services, particularly Global SVOD such as Netflix and Amazon, are typically only interested in acquiring the best content available across all markets

As local SVOD and AVOD grow Broadcast services may struggle to acquire high ranking titles in an increasingly competitive landscape

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