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3Vision Insight - Virtual Reality

Jack Davison Colour

Jack Davison Executive Vice President

Virtual Reality Check

Q1 2018 saw a dip in VR headset sales. Is this the end for this brand new medium? The VR players aren't ready to throw in the towel yet as new hardware and content is coming all the time.

What is out there?

With most of its developmental roots in the video game industry, it’s understandable to assume that virtual reality is primarily a platform for video games. It’s not a one industry medium however with film, television, music and theatre industry all experimenting with the technology creating new experiences.

Firms such as the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Hulu, NBC, Nickelodeon, Telenet, Sky and AT&T have all been making content. This ranges from bringing the hospitality box of the World Cup to your living room to the opportunity to hold the Natural History Museum's most prized exhibits in your hands alongside David Attenborough.


Where are Facebook and Oculus going next?

Facebook owned VR company Oculus recently released the Oculus Go, a standalone headset that doesn't need a phone, computer or console plugged in to work. Putting high quality VR out that's both cheap and easy to use is poised to kickstart growth in headset sales.

Oculus also launched Oculus TV which they bill as a VR set-top streaming box. With this they provide a virtual environment to watch content alone or virtually with friends. They can watch content from Facebook Watch as well as ESPN, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, Newsy, Pluto TV, Redbull TV and more.


Looking forward.

VR is still in its infancy and is about to open its doors to more consumers than ever before with innovations like standalone VR headsets, augmented reality and mixed reality. With future growth looking optimistic, 3Vision will be keeping a close eye on the latest content to come out from this exciting and fresh new medium.


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