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UK TV Exports Reach Record High of £1.4bn in 2018/19


Liam Costello Senior Manager

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This year 3Vision, in association with key stakeholders, produced the annual TV Export Report for Pact, capturing insight on how much value UK TV content has overseas.

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North America Remains Strongest Market

North America (£531m) and Europe (£470m) are the biggest export macro-regions with 72% of revenue. North America (principally the US) is an important partner for co-productions (£81m) and international production revenue (£123m) – this being revenue generated by the overseas production arm of UK companies.

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Drama Dominates Sales

48% of the total exports are Drama, Non-Scripted Factual follows with 23%, then Entertainment (15%). Older content remains strong, with an estimated 36% of TV sales for programming of four or more years old.

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Even Split Between Sales to Free, Pay TV and SVOD Services

The growing prevalence of SVOD services around the globe has also affected the UK export market, with SVOD buying more UK content than ever, holding a slight majority over an otherwise even split between itself, Free TV and Pay TV

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“British TV and film exports have had another blockbuster year, with these new figures showing the incredible overseas demand for the UK’s cultural exports."

Liz Truss Secretary of State for International Trade

To view the full TV export report 3Vision produced for Pact click the link below.
For more detailed insight in to the UK TV exports sector get in touch.

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