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The Show Tracker 2019/20 Mid Season Review


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

The Show Tracker 2019/20 Mid Season Review is Now Available

The 2019/20 Mid Season Review is a highly visual and detailed report of the major global market distribution trends for scripted drama.

Utilising data from our Show Tracker service, the report compares year on year trends across four TV seasons (2016/17 to 2019/20).

Using the latest data from Show Tracker we examine key topics:

  • COVID-19's effect on the Content Market
  • Latest Distribution and Catch-up Trends
  • Unsold Shows
  • Second Windows
  • Additional Insights on New Market Developments

If you already subscribe to Show Tracker you will automatically receive a copy of the report. If not download the sample through the link below and reach out to buy the full analysis

Download the Sample Report
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Get up to date

The data used in this Report is from our Show Tracker Service - a tool that monitors the sale of over 500 scripted series in major revenue generating markets and tracks over 22 key deal parameters like 1st and 2nd window, catch-up utilisation and more

Download the Sample Report
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14 Global markets

Get the latest insight on how the industry has been moving globally and market-by-market. Understand the strategies being developed by Distributors, Broadcasters and SVOD season on season

The Americas
US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil
UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland
India, Australia, China

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