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The Paramount ecosystem – Competitive strategy, innovative windowing and the power of Pluto | Inside Content


Hayley Bull Director

On this episode, Hayley Bull, Director at 3Vision is joined by Dan Fahy, Senior Vice President, Streaming for Paramount Networks UK.

Based in London, Fahy leads the growth and partnerships division of Paramount UK, working on increasing streaming revenue and expanding the company’s range of partnerships. With over 20 years of experience in the wider media and entertainment sector, Dan has held prior roles with WarnerMedia, BBC Studios and Eurosport Dan is an expert in the streaming, broadcasting, Pay TV a Free to Air space.

We get a detailed look into the Paramount ecosystem that covers AVOD, FAST, Pay TV, and SVOD, and how Paramount+ is positioned to compete with big players in the streaming world. Dan discusses how Paramount differentiates itself with its ‘four quadrant offering’ and how they are addressing a broad consumer base with its Sky partnership deal in the UK. Key to their unique approach is the importance they place on the theatrical window. Contrary to the declining value of the theatrical window over the past 5-10 years, Paramount continue to see it as a lucrative financial opportunity, central to its legacy as a business. As well as keeping hold of their traditional business model elements, they are innovating in many new fields. Dan gives us valuable insights into the future of FAST AVOD platform Pluto and how it provides a great opportunity for content owners and advertisers to connect with the hard-to-reach VOD-first households in the UK.

Here is a breakdown of the topics discussed in the episode:
  • How Paramount+ is being positioned for success in a competitive market
  • Paramount+’s content strategy including proposition, movie release and their partnership deal with Sky in the UK,
  • Innovations in content windowing and licencing, including the importance of theatrical windowing to Paramount's core business and how this can leverage brands, franchises and content
  • The importance of FAST and AVOD to the overall business
  • The future of Pay TV

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