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The German Local SVOD Market


Liam Costello Senior Manager

As with a number of other Show Tracker markets, local SVOD services in Germany have been premiering a higher percentage of new US scripted series in each year.

29% of shows that premiered in Germany throughout 2019 appeared on a local SVOD service, an increase from 10% the previous year.

SVOD platforms are becoming an important destination for US shows, as German broadcast channels continue to focus more on local content and push acquisitions onto their VOD services.

Both RTL and ProSieben have premiered the first season of a US show in 2020 on their SVOD services.

RTL has acquired four shows from ViacomCBS for its ‘TV Now Premium’ service, with the ProSieben and Discovery joint-venture ‘Joyn Plus’ taking three US shows.

In addition to its US content, ‘Joyn Plus’ has also premiered first windows of two UK shows this year.

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As more US content appears on their SVOD platforms, both ProSieben and RTL have premiered less shows for their broadcast channels.

In 2019 ProSieben premiered first windows of eight shows, six fewer than in the year before. RTL have historically bought fewer series than their commercial rival, with just two new US shows in 2019.

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