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The 2018/19 TV Season Report


Liam Costello Senior Manager

Scripted Drama Distribution Trends and Insights

The 2018/19 TV Season Report is a highly visual and detailed review of the major global market distribution trends for scripted drama.

Utilising data from our Show Tracker service, the Report compares year on year trends across three TV seasons (2016/17 to 2018/19).

Data Insights
  • 13 Major Global Video Markets
  • 3 TV Seasons (16/17 to 18/19)
  • 200+ Buyers
  • 40+ Distributors
  • 400+ Shows (US & Non-US)
Year on Year Trends
  • Types of Services Licensing Content
  • Biggest First Window Buyers
  • Local vs Global SVOD Activity
  • Broadcaster Catch-up Utilisation
  • Second Window Activity

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The data used in this Report is from our Show Tracker Service - a tool that monitors the sale of scripted series in major revenue generating markets and tracks 22 key deal parameters like 1st and 2nd window, catch-up utilisation and more

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13 Global markets

Get the latest insight on how the industry has been moving globally and market-by-market. Understand the strategies being developed by Distributors, Broadcasters and SVOD season on season.

North America
US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil
UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland
Rest of the World
India, Australia