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Peacock launch to shake up US market for former Sky Vision titles


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

The Peacock launch slate of originals suggests that the availability for UK content in the US may be challenged by NBCU engaging in vertical integration

A number of titles premiering on Peacock this week as part of its launch come from its incorporation of Sky Vision into NBCU’s structure last year

Shows formerly distributed by Sky Vision historically went to a variety of services in the US, with Lionsgate’s Starz the only one to acquire two new season shows in 2018 and 2019, ‘Save Me’ and ‘In the Long Run’

This launch lineup may be a sign that NBCU will reserve more Sky content for Peacock in the future, drastically reducing the variety of buyers these titles once had

With SVOD collaboration with UK distributors on the rise, other US broadcasters may struggle to find premium UK content available for their own services

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