Panel Discussion: In-car Entertainment: 'Who Dares, Wins'


Hayley Bull Director

Thursday 27th January, 16:35 GMT

Excitement is no longer what is going on outside the vehicle it is what is going on inside that will create the ultimate user experience. Manufacturers are redefining the driving experience; human machine interface is changing the way we interact with our vehicle and our virtual assistants are becoming more human. In-car entertainment is evolving beyond the radio and will one day become a key feature for the driver and passengers.

Our director Hayley Bull will be moderating an all star panel on Thursday 27th January, 16.35 GMT as part of Automotive Tech Week: Megatrends will replace CTS for 2021. Spanning 5 days across the last week of January with each day dedicated to an auto-tech megatrend for 2021.

Panel Discussion: In-Car Entertainment: Who Dares, Wins

  • How is in-car entertainment going to create a better travelling experience? Could this be the engagement EV adopters need - entertainment OnDemand while charging?
  • Achieving faster results through partnerships with software manufacturers – giving traditional OEMs the edge over the disruptors.
  • What learnings and processes from smartphones and app providers could OEMs use to get ahead of the game?


Pete Wood, Senior Vice President of New Digital Distribution, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Bob Dillon, SVP, Automotive Connected Media, Xperi

Darryl Ballantyne, Founder & CEO, LyricFind

Scott Lyons, Head of Business & Partner Development, Ford

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