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Netflix & Amazon Multi-Market Acquisitions


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

Acquisitions of US scripted series by Netflix and Amazon in international markets are becoming less common as both companies invest more into their own true Originals.

Amazon has historically taken less shows from the US than Netflix but is the only one so far to acquire new 2019/20 season US shows for multi-market distribution, taking 'Picard' from ViacomCBS and 'Treadstone' from NBCU.

StarzPlay launched last year in multiple markets and has already started engaging in multi-market deals like Netflix and Amazon, taking content from both the US and the UK.

Netflix and Amazon take different approaches to the branding of acquisitions. What is branded as a 'N Series' or 'Amazon Original' in one market may not be in another.

Looking at Global SVOD acquisitions as a whole reveals branding to be much less prominent in India, where more acquisitions remain unbranded than any other market.

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Even branding attached to multi-market deals can differ from territory to territory. 'The Good Place' (NBC) was branded a Netflix Original in Australia, France, Mexico and the UK but was unbranded in Canada and Sweden.

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