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MX Player on the importance of recognising your audience to succeed | Inside Content Podcast

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Jack Davison Executive Vice President

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In this episode of Inside Content I talk to Mansi Shrivastav, SVP of Content Acquisitions & Partnerships at MX Player.

Mansi talks us through the journey of MX Player, the first and only AVOD platform that takes a big focus on targeting the price sensitive consumer, a huge part of the Indian market. Its an audience that is waiting for content and had not been addressed prior to the launch of MX Player.

With Global streamers like Netflix and Amazon struggling within India, AVOD such as MX Player helps address several layers within the market that can’t be touched by subscription services.

By analysing the data of their users when the platform was first acquired MX Player were then able to steer their development to their target audience. Mansi explains that all the layers of user type within the Indian market, with Pay TV viewers at the top, can make it difficult for one service like a Netflix to get maximum reach. But if, like MX Player, you identify the specific audience you want, particularly one like theirs which had not been addressed, you can succeed.

It’s the audience that has to be recognised. Using machine learning and AI, alongside expert eyes on the ground, MX Player has identified quickly what its audience wants and once that work is done the rest becomes a lot easier.

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