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Monthly Report with Trends and Analysis Available Now


Liam Costello Senior Manager

A Show Tracker subscription includes a monthly report that compiles the latest statistics with each new data release.

The full 60+ page report is a valuable source for checking the latest trends and features our analysis of noteworthy talking points and developments in the industry.

Key indicators this month show there are currently 205 buyers across all Show Tracker markets for scripted content from the 2019/20 TV season, acquiring shows in both the first and second window.

The number of unique buyers for Free and Pay TV has decreased year on year, with SVOD services increasingly more competitive - particularly in the first window.

Broadcast channels who are acquiring shows in the first window are offering more catch-up but there are notable differences in each market. Italy is not only the least penetrable European market for international scripted content, but also offers the lowest % of enhanced catch-up on Free and Pay TV channels.

Second window activity, buyers of shows after SVOD and the rights granted, plus the differences in selling activity between key distributors are all highlighted in this report.

The monthly report also focuses on particular stories that emerge from the data. In this month’s report we spotlight StarzPlay and its acquisitions activity.

70% of its content is licensed from third-parties with a number of multi-territory acquisitions from a mix of distributors. With Netflix and Amazon scaling back their acquisitions in favour of their own Originals development, StarzPlay is an increasing key buyer in the SVOD space.

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