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Is Sky Glass the vision for the future?

Jack Davison Colour

Jack Davison Executive Vice President

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On October 7th Sky launched Sky Glass with great fanfare at an event in Greenwich, London. Embracing the future where content is streamed straight to the home, the TV is essentially a bespoke Sky Smart TV that does not require a satellite dish.

Significant claims are being made about Sky Glass representing a vision of the future, with Sky “trailblazing” and the product “game changing”, but behind the hyperbole what actually has changed and where are the significant steps being made?

In this insight report, we give our take on this latest development and whether it will 'transform the role of the TV in the home'.

Key topics covered include:

  • Key features, technical specifications and multi-room capabilities
  • Pricing and content packages
  • The revolutionary monthly payment approach to TV sets
  • The removal of recording capabilities and monetisation of ad-skipping
  • Emphasis on voice control and intelligent recommendations
  • The increased aggregation of content and OTT apps
  • The focus on Wi-Fi delivery and its potential limitations

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