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ScreenHits TV on the future of video service aggregation

Jack Davison Colour

Jack Davison Executive Vice President

In this episode of ‘Inside Content - the TV Industry Podcast’, I speak with Rose Adkins Hulse, Founder and CEO of ScreenHits TV - a streaming video aggregator app that allows consumers to access all their different streaming services (free, SVOD and live online TV) all within the app itself.

With the OTT industry becoming increasingly saturated with the entry of new SVOD players, consumers are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with the level of choice in terms of content and the subscriptions available. Rose talks us through why video service aggregation is important to help consumers navigate this new TV landscape and maximise the value from their subscriptions. The ScreenHits TV app alleviates the need to open up multiple apps or interfaces to consume content, instead bringing all subscriptions into one single easy to use interface. Rose explains that a key benefit of their app is a consistent user journey without the need for hardwire such as a set-top-box (STB). This ensures users have clear visibility on the subscriptions that they have, including what they have been watching across all their streaming services and also trending content. This enhanced discovery and search functionality ensures that users are maximising the value from their subscriptions and prevents bill shock.

Rose discusses the importance of bundling within the OTT landscape, so consumers can clearly see the value and content they are receiving from different tiered packages. This is a key strategic focus for ScreenHits TV who are currently in discussion with global streamers and plan to launch 2-3 major bundles later this year. Rose explains that unlike other streaming video aggregators on the market that take an ‘umbrella’ approach, ScreenHits TV focuses on content curation to help prevent consumers feeling overwhelmed. Their focus is on content quality over quantity and never take on more than 50 AVOD or 50 SVOD - including both global and also local streaming services. This ensures that their partners' SVOD services are always top of mind with the consumer at the point of discovery. Rose explains that they know when a user drops a subscription and using the wealth of data from their platform, they can re-target users with personalised content recommendation campaigns such as relevant new shows or series.

One of the highlights of the episode was discussing the role of Pay TV and how well placed they are to take on the role of the super aggregator. Rose explains that despite Pay TV being a well oiled profitable engine, they face significant limitations when it comes to innovating their existing business model. “Do we kill our existing business so we can put 100% focus into the future? Or do we try to maintain and hold on to this for as long as we can?“. Rose discusses that for Pay TV to innovate in this new landscape, they would have to damage their existing business model. She argues that young companies who are agile and have the flexibility to operate without any restrictions will be the ones that will drive great change in the marketplace. Rose believes that Pay TV platforms will acquire some of these video service aggregators, to help transition their companies into the future without having to kill off their existing business.

Other topics discussed include niche aggregators, ScreenHits TV global roll out and their partnerships with device partners including automotive.

Here is a breakdown of the topics discussed in this episode:

[02:24] What are the key benefits to the consumer for using a streaming video aggregator app like ScreenHits TV?

[05:21] How is discovery and search functionality enhanced by using a video service aggregator?

[09:10] How important is bundling to ScreenHits TV strategy and will you be working with any global streamers?

[11:37] Can you tell us about ScreenHits TV business model?

[16:37] How does ScreenHits TV help reduce SVOD churn for its partners?

[17:47] What is your content curation strategy for your platform?

[20:01] Do you think there is room for other video service aggregators in the market? What about niche aggregators?

[24:36] What is the future for Pay TV and are they well placed to take on the role of the the super aggregators?

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