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Joyn on delivering a unique consumer experience with the power of local content | Inside Content Podcast copy

How do you deliver a truly unparalleled experience to your viewers and subscribers in an industry so full of competition?

In this episode, Toby Russell is joined by Tassilo Raesig, CEO of Joyn, a cross-provider entertainment streaming platform based in Germany.

As one of the founding members of Joyn since 2017, Tassilo has been a significant player in building Joyn into the truly unique platform it is today.

With extensive experience working across various areas of the business such as engineering, product and marketing and with a close focus on content acquisition and procurement, Tassilo has scaled Joyn’s product offering into an enormously profitable model that puts entertainment needs of the post-pandemic consumer at its focus. Built as an AVOD / SVOD hybrid, Tassilo discusses how Joyn has honed in on both the power of free and paid content simultaneously as well as understanding the demand for linear TV and FAST in response to consumer’s choice paralysis.

Here's what they discuss in the episode:

  • Joyn’s proposition in the German market
  • The balance between local originals, US and other international acquisitions and content from the channels Joyn carries and how this is evolving
  • How important linear TV is to Joyn's service
  • The importance of distribution via partners for long-term strategy
  • How AVOD and SVOD models work together with Joyn and Joyn Premium
  • The most exciting upcoming content on the Joyn platform
  • Tassilo's thoughts on RTL's plan to enhance RTL+ with music from Deezer, podcasts, magazines and audiobooks
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