All3Media on the power of FAST channels in the rapidly evolving content market | Inside Content Podcast

All3Media on the power of FAST channels in the rapidly evolving content market  | Inside Content Podcast




How do you successfully launch a FAST channel? What are the key elements for audience acquisition through content? And how are streamers, services and channels making their mark in a sea of competition?

In this episode, Toby Russell is joined by Gary Woolf, EVP of Strategic Development at All3Media International, a full-service content distribution business, to discuss the alternative approach that All3Media is taking to licensing, distributing and promoting content.

As a major leader in All3Media’s strategic development, Gary has extensive knowledge of content rights and the opportunities that the digital space of distribution holds for many TV industry organisations. Unlike traditional methods of content distribution, Gary discusses how he has implemented a ‘full-service’ distribution model at All3Media. This involves supporting platforms beyond the acquisition stage and providing them with ways to best position their content all year round, to boost viewership and help audiences discover the content they’re searching for.

Gary’s fresh insight into the distribution environment highlights the increasing demand from viewers for the unique, low-hassle experience which is underpinning the rise of strategic marketing and AI in the TV promotion space.

Seizing the opportunity in the FAST space in 2019, Gary discusses with Toby the key elements of launching a FAST channel, such as their ‘SoReal’ channel, now on Roku, and how to successfully give value to viewers. Toby and Gary also discuss their predictions for the upcoming developments in the D2C space as more and more join the FAST and AVOD streaming model.

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Here's what they discuss in the episode:

  • The main focus for All3Media in the AVOD and FAST space and how they see this market evolving
  • The role of different stakeholders, platforms and gateways in the delivery of FAST channels
  • The future of AVOD and FAST content including exclusive originals and FTV FAST content
  • How All3Media is approaching the D2C space
  • All3Media's outlook for scripted content

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