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Free TV Acquisitions


Jack Thomas Analyst

While within most Show Tracker markets Free TV acquisitions of new US content has remained steady season to season, looking between markets reveals a dramatic difference in total Free TV acquisitions depending on the territory.

Canada has the highest levels of acquisition amongst Free TV as a high proportion of US Network content is simulcast across Canadian Free TV channels.

Other anglophonic markets with strong Free TV presence such as Australia and the UK rank high in acquisitions, although UK acquisitions have decreased as UK services have started to engage in more co-productions.

There are then those markets with Free TV that tends to instead favour local content, with Spanish Free TV only acquiring two titles, while other markets such as Mexico have had no Free TV acquisitions of new US content at all over the past three seasons.

Looking across the past three TV seasons reveals that enhanced catch-up is being led by those markets that are also acquiring the most content.

Australia and the UK's Free TV services are leading the innovation for box-setting US content onto its catch-up services alongside its first linear broadcast.

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