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Diverse Programming and Ad-Funded Platforms

3Vision attended two panels at MIPCOM 2019 to give their thoughts on the impact of diversity as well as the most buzz worthy trends happening in the market

Measuring the Impact of Diversity

Invited by MIPCOM, 3Vision Director Hayley Bull, joined by execs from A+E and AMC, delivered insight into how diverse shows are increasingly getting out to market.

Hayley pushed that the rise of SVOD and AVOD has opened up more opportunities for diverse content to find distribution. "This is a really positive time for diversity. Right now, there are so many services to make deals with, and we are no longer tied to schedules".

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On the last day of MIPCOM, EVP Jack Davison sat on the annual 'Trending Topics' panel to give his views on the key trends coming out of this year's show. Jack highlighted AVOD as a major topic of the market. "There seemed to be a hype around it on the market, but more importantly, we see that there is a lot of licensing going on around AVOD".


AVOD is a huge area from players like Tubi to broadcasters enhancing their own AVOD, traditionally used for catch-up, with exclusive content. When asked what this meant for broadcaster's return on their investments Jack said: "It's a tricky balance for them. You don't want to trade down. We will see a lot more experimentation. Everyone wants to binge now, and they have to respond to that".


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