COVID-19 Disrupts Foreign Language Premieres of Warner Shows


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

COVID-19 is causing rising viewing figures across all types of services including Pay and Free TV as well as VOD services, even the piracy of content has drastically risen since lockdowns begun.

It is becoming more important than ever for services to continue to supply top quality content.

While the effect of COVID-19 on the distribution of new content will largely be felt a few months down the line as it is the productions taking the brunt of the impact right now, there have been some disruption to new content as it airs internationally.

In Germany, the latest WarnerMedia shows set to air on Sky Atlantic have been delayed due to the German language dubbing studios being shut down amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Subtitled versions with english audio will release on Sky Go in line with their US premiere but those waiting for a linear premiere will have to wait as the channel chooses to prioritise the German language version, even if this will likely have a negative effect on the linear ratings when the titles eventually premiere.

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