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Catching up on Killing Eve


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

How are services using the new season compared to the first?

BBC America have announced they are renewing Killing Eve for a third season, Show Tracker data highlights distribution of the show so far

Season 1 of Killing Eve was distributed across 10 show tracker markets and was utilised as a boxset in the UK, Australia and Germany.

Season 2 of Killing Eve premiered on BBC America in April, with the Pay TV channel releasing episodes weekly - a strategy followed by services in a number of other Show Tracker markets. In the UK the BBC decided to wait for all episodes to become available before offering the season as a complete Box Set on the iPlayer, to coincide with its premiere on BBC One

Overnight BARB data shows the episode was the most watched TV event on Saturday night with 3.5m viewers. Will this season build similar ratings as season 1, or will the 2 month wait have caused a rise in piracy to the show

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