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Webinar: Transforming Each Journey into a Personal Entertainment Experience

Is in-car entertainment the next video frontier?

How much of an opportunity is in-car entertainment? In this webinar hosted by connected entertainment specialists ACCESS and moderated by Hayley Bull, a panel of automotive and content experts discuss the emerging opportunities for in-car infotainment services.

As connected and autonomous vehicles become more common place, the panel discuss what entertainment services passengers want. We now have the ability to consume content seamlessly across a range of platforms and devices - so how long before in-car user interfaces can support such content? The speakers address how close we are to frictionless content distribution in-car and what such a service might look like in the near future.

For many the car is the next frontier for delivering video content. Variations in journey length and passenger demographics provide a unique viewing experience to a captive audience. The panel discuss how content might be tailored from conventional offerings to meet the needs of various demographics.

The panel also discusses the likelihood for new revenue streams – from subscription video to e-commerce. While video content is one of the most exciting prospects, are connected cars also set to become service platforms? And is the infrastructure in place to make these concepts a reality?

For content providers and car manufacturers, this webinar addresses the latest trends and opportunities presented by in-car entertainment.

“The connected car provides new revenue opportunities, I look forward to joining with automotive and content specialists to see what they predict for the marriage of two great industries.”

Hayley Bull 3Vision Director