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Paramount’s Path to Streaming Profitability


Jack Thomas Manager

Paramount shows an optimistic outlook for their streaming future as they announced a record rise of 9.9M subscribers for Paramount+ in the last quarter. Show Tracker reveals the full extent of the studio’s commitment to the SVOD, as season-on-season the level of vertical integration utilised by the studio in its international distribution strategy has continued to grow.

The key power behind any SVOD’s success is its content, and Paramount has continued to invest in many brand new shows, both Paramount+ and Showtime originals, the latter of which are typically appearing on the SVOD in international markets in the first window.

Paramount Free TV commissions have not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, with much of the priority clearly in expanding the premium drama output of the studios’ services in the US and beyond. Franchises are of notable importance, with two spin-offs to ‘Yellowstone’ helping to form the ‘Yellowstone Universe’. In general the new TV series being distributed by Paramount are leaning more on established IP than ever, with far less series this season thus far having been created from original concepts.

On the movie side Paramount saw ‘Top Gun Maverick’ become one of the highest-grossing films of all time, with its later release on Paramount+ helping boost the SVOD’s subscriber base even further. 3Vision’s Movie Tracker service reveals how the release of ‘Top Gun Maverick’ from theatre to its first pay window differed depending on the international market.

In many of the markets that have Paramount+ the movie has had releases on other more traditional Pay TV destinations also, allowing Paramount to continue to capitalise on the movie’s value to local services, while still having it as a draw to Paramount+. It likewise is a boon for SkyShowtime as that establishes itself in key European markets.

The recent successes for Paramount suggest the studio is set to continue taking positive steps along the “path to streaming profitability”, in a market where other studios are starting to rethink their commitment to their SVOD services.

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