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Multi-Cam Comedies finding Distribution with Free TV


Jack Thomas Senior Analyst

Examining US titles by their genre, format and runtime across all Show Tracker markets against traditional buying trends reveals the top services likely to acquire content

SVODs show little interest in acquiring Procedural Dramas and Multi-Cam comedies. The nature of the SVOD delivery mechanism makes serialised content more attractive as users will typically always watch a series in its correct order. Outside of these types of shows SVOD acquisitions remain close to their average

Multi-Cam Comedies are finding distribution largely with Free TV services across Show Tracker markets, with Free TV acquisitions up 38 from its average share of US acquisitions. The split between Pay and Free TV for Procedural Dramas is a little more even however, with Pay TV staying close to its average share and Free TV up 21

Despite a larger selection of one hour titles available for acquisition it is thirty-minute programming that is less likely to find international distribution. This is likely reflective of a larger proportion of thirty-minute titles being Comedies which can have trouble finding international audiences

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