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SVT on their 'digital-first' approach and box-setting


Toby Russell Chief Executive Officer

In this episode of ‘Inside Content - the TV Industry Podcast’, I speak with Stephen Mowbray, Head of Acquisitions, SVT. Stephen has been with the Swedish public broadcaster for 13 years driving strategy and negotiating major deals and packages.

The highly innovative Swedish and Nordic market is leading the way in many trends, we get an inside view on how important acquisitions are and what genres SVT will focus on in the future.

One of the highlights of the episode was learning about the innovative approach for SVT player this summer. They plan to release a substantial amount of big TV shows in box-set format each week. "This will be a new one of consuming content and a new way of thinking" - Stephen believes that it will intrinsically change the way that SVT publishes and how the public perceives them.

Other topics discussed are SVT's European TV acquisition strategy, localisation of content and how audience adoption of SVT player has changed in the last year with more 60+ audience engagement.

Here is a breakdown of the topics discussed in this episode:

- [1.31] About SVT, (The BBC of Sweden)

- [3.03] How is SVT Play performing in comparison to your linear channels?

- [3:50] How is SVT localising TV content for its audiences. Are there any key genres you are focusing on?

- [5.19] What are the key markets you acquire TV content from? How important is US content?

- [7:04] SVT digital first approach and box-setting

- [9:30] How has Netflix impacted TV audience consumption habits in Sweden?

- [11:18] Will linear TV become less relevant in the Swedish and Nordic market?

- [13:01] The SVOD market in Sweden is already saturated, do you see further growth in this area?

- [18:14] Why do you think Dublin Murders performed so well?

- [21:39] Can you tell us more about your digital first TV strategy for the summer?

- [24.58] How has Covid-19 impacted SVT’s content acquisition strategy, how you select content and also timeframes?

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