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Jack Davison Executive Vice President

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Discover the latest insights and significant developments in the D2C space including Netflix's Q1 2022 results, changing investor sentiment and vertical integration.

The Streaming Wars Part II

Competition between streaming services is unrelenting. Last year, the prospects for global SVOD services were excellent. This year caution is returning, we’ve seen a drastic shift in investor attitudes, with Netflix poor Q1 results scaring investors and shifting their herd mentality almost overnight.

With many in traditional media pivoting to a D2C and streaming model in 2021 they are now facing significant headwinds. Competition is heating up and investors are looking more towards profitability, even if that means monetising content in more ways than just D2C.

Streaming businesses are now being challenged in many ways. Squeezed household budgets are prompting more to rethink options with advertising tiers, password sharing and bundling options. A requirement to monetise content effectively and a recognition that there is no single global blueprint for Studios is making them think more about regional/local strategies and content windowing.

Prospects remain strong for many, with more initiates and greater levels of focus from local players, especially broadcaster groups. What does this all mean for content distribution, a market significantly disrupted in 2021 by changing Studio behaviours that are under pressure again.Jack Davison, EVP at 3Vision, will be leading the discussion on the streaming wars in our webinar, covering key topics such as:

• Netflix’s Q1 2022 results - what’s all the fuss about…

• Changing investor sentiment and the outlook for Streamers as focus shifts to profitability

• Studio streamer rollouts and growth

• Studio content strategies and the realities of vertically integrated Studio content pipelines

• Return of the adverts….

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