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AVOD Briefing Report


Hayley Bull Director

With local and multi-market players growing in numbers and distributors pointing to noticeable growth in revenues we deliver a detailed overview of the AVOD Landscape

Both video and advertising analysts are pointing to major revenue growth across markets for AVOD. It remains important to remember however that 80-90% of online video advertising goes to Facebook and Google.

There is however a significant amount of opportunity. Broadcaster AVOD services (BVOD) are growing fast (forecast to double by 2025) with traditional TV innovating with online initiatives to follow audiences and ad spend. And specialist services are growing in number with more launches expected.

There will be many failures and strategy revisions but with that opportunities.

Our AVOD Briefing Report provides everything distributors and others assessing the landscape need to know - download the outline report below and get in touch to arrange a presentation.

Download the Outline Report
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